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Law Name:Labeling Criteria for Toy Goods CH

Promulgated on August 18, 1993 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs per
public reference Chin(82) Shan 220819;
Last amended per public notice referenced Chin(84) Shan-Tze 84225410

Law Content:

1.This Criteria is established in accordance with Article 12 of the Commodity Labelling Law to promote labelling of toys, maintain the reputation of producers and the right and interests of consumers as well as the safety of toy users; provided that the labelling of toys to be exported may be in accordance with the applicable regulations of the importing country and the applicable export regulations of the Republic of China.
2.For the purpose of this Criteria, the term "toys" denotes objects designed for children below the age of 14 to play with, including dolls, building blocks, children's carts, hobby toys and combination toys.
3.Labelling requirements of toy goods shall be as follows:
(1)Name of the toy;
(2)Name, address, phone number and uniform business code of the manufacturer; if the toy is imported, the name, address, phone number and uniform business code of the salesa agent, importer or distributor, as well as the name and address of the manufacturer at place of origin and the name of the country of origin shall be labelled;
(3)Major ingredients or materials;
(4)Applicable age;
(5)Methods of use or matters for caution;
(6)A warning or special warning notice shall be labelled if hazards to the safety or health of users are apprehended.
4.Toy goods shall be labelled in the manner described below:
(1)In principle, labelling in respect of toys offered for sale in the market shall appear on the toy per se; provided that if labelling on the toy per se is unlikely, the labelling shall either appear on the package or product literature or in such form that may be applied to the toy.
(2)Toys shall be labelled mainly in the Chinese language supplemented in any foreign language.
(3)Toys shall be labelled in clear, concise and legible letters or words or in pictorial form.
(4)With respect to export-oriented toys re-designated for sale in the domestic market, a Chinese label or product literature shall be attached in accordance with Article 7 of the Commondit Labelling Law.
(5)Imported toys for sale in the domestic market shall be labelled and product literature or warning notice shall be attached in accordance with the second and third paragraphs of Article 24 of the Consumer Protection Law, with the contents of the notice and product literature not simpler than those in use in their place of origin.
(6)Letters used for warning labelling purposes shall be in such color different from that of the background on which they are printed and shall be easily identifiable. The word "arning" or "caution" shall be printed in such type of a size larger than 5mm*5mm, with legends at least 1.5mm*1.5mm in size.
A table of sample types of toys and legends appears below:
Type of toysWarning labeling requirements
1.Toys containting small articlesWarning: This toy is not good for use by children below 36 months old.
2.Functional toys, e.g., sawing machinesWarning: This toy may be used only under the supervision of adults.
3.Imitation toys with protective functions, like goggles, diving masks, helmets and safety hats(1)Warning: No protective functions upon the occurrence of accidents; or
(2)Warning: No protective functions against ultraviolet.
4.Kites and other aeronautic toysWarning: Use at a place close to high-voltage wires is prohibited.
5.Hydraulic toysWarning: This toy may be used by children only in shallo waters and under the supervision of adults. (If the toy is an airblown toy, the labelling shall appear at a place not more than 100mm away from the blowing mouth.)
6.Toy with threads, ropes, flexible ropes that can be attached to a craddle, hammock or baby carriageWarning: Please user this toy under the supervision of adults so as to prevent the child using it from getting his neck entwined and suffocated.
7.Projectory or launching toysWarning: In launching, no human body shall be targeted; the end of the ejecting article shall in no event be sharpened; and use of this toy shall be used only under the supervision of adults.
8.Imitation cookware toysWarning: This toy shall not be placed close to fire and shall be used only under the supervision of adults.
(7)Special warning notice: With respect to toys that may easily cause any specific injury or toys with acknowledged hazardous substances, a special warning notice shall be added to the toy in accordance with the above subparagraph and the following provisions:
Type of toysSpecial warning notice requirements
1.Steam pressured dirven toysCaution: The maximum operating pressure of this toy shall be atmospheric pressure or kilos of power per square centimeter.
2.Toys driven by direct current or charged or driven by rectifilersWarning: This toy shall not be accessible to or dismantled by children.
3.Floating toys, e.g., inner tires, floating beds or airblown small yachtsCaution: This toy is not a life applince and thus shall not be used for life saving purposes.
4.Toys with diethylene glycolWarning: Devouring this toy will cause harm to human body.
5.Toys with ethylene glycolWarning: Devouring this toy will cause death or injury.
6.Toys with methanol(1)Warning: Dangerous; the steam will be hazardous to hunman body and devouring this this toy will cause the devourer to become blind or cause death or injury.
(2)Warning: This toy is poisonous.
7.Toys with benzene, toluene, dimethyl benzene or distilled oil derivatives,e.g., coaloil, mineral oil, gasoline, refined mineral solvent(1)Warning: Dangerous; the steam is hazardous to human body; and
(2)Warning: Poisonous.
8.Toys with turpentine oilWarning: Dangerous; devouring this toy will cause death or injury.
9.Toys with energy source deviceWarning: This toy is equipped with energy source and thus may produce high heat.
Direct touching of this toy is prohibited.
10.Chemical toysWarning: This toy is good for use by children over 10 years old under the supervision of adults.
11.Toy fireworksWarning: Launching fireworks at human body or putting same in the pocket is prohibited.
12.Toys with extremely inflammable materials(1)Warning: lease keep this toy away from fire; and
(2)A sign of flame.
5.The Criteria shall take effect on April 16,1996.