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Law Name:Labeling Criteria for Shoe Commodities CH

As promulgated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs pursuant to the public notice of September 8.2006.(Ref. No. Chin Shan 09502426100)
As amended by the Ministry of Economic Affairs pursuant to the public notice of February 9.2015.(Ref. No. Chin Shan 10402401960)

Law Content:

1.In order to establish proper labeling of shoe commodities, to maintain the reputation of producers and to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the Labeling Criteria are stipulated pursuant to Article 11 of the Commodity Labeling Act.
Export commodities may be labeled according to the regulation of the import country.
2.Shoe commodities referred to in the Criteria are shoe processed and formed from vamps and soles made of material rubber, plastic, natural leather, synthetic leather, fabric, wood.
3.Particulars to be contained in shoes labeling are as the following:
(1)Name of Commodity.
(2)Name, telephone and address of the manufacturer or OEM manufacturing. For imported goods, the name, telephone and address of the importer shall be labeled.
(3)Country of origin (the country in which main processes take place).
(4)Main material of uppers and soles.
(5)Measurement or size.
(6)For shoes containing polyurethane (PU) outsole which is an easily hydrolysable material, the manufacture year, month, instruction for usage and directions shall be labeled.
4.Labeling methods for shoe commodities are as the following:
(1)Particulars stipulated in the former Article shall be clearly marked on the commodity itself, or with sew-on tags, or stick-on tags, or attached card or outside packaging. The written language used shall be mainly in Chinese and may be supplemented by foreign languages.
(2)Particulars stipulated in the former Article No.3.(3). in addition to labeling by using the methods of former particulars shall be clearly marked on conspicuous places of the commodity itself in Chinese or foreign language with fixed and unable dismantle branding, ironing, printing or sew-on tags. But disposable indoor slippers made of paper or fabrics are not required.
(3)With regard to the 「Instruction for Usage」 and 「Directions」 to be labeled in the former Article No.3.(6)., the length and width of the font of each word shall be not less than five millimeters, the length and width of the content wording shall not be less than three millimeters; its color shall be different from the ground color and can be easily identified.
5.Except the regulation of labeling the manufacture year and month in Article No.3.(6). of this standard that shall be effective two years after announcement, the rest shall become effective on the day of announcement.