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Law Name:Labeling Criteria for Ceramic Tiles CH

As promulgated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs pursuant to the public notice of July 25.2006.(Ref. No. Chin Shan 09502421860)
As amended by the Ministry of Economic Affairs pursuant to the public notice of November 2.2015.(Ref. No. Chin Shan 10400694640)

Law Content:

1.In order to establish proper labeling of Ceramic Tile commodities, maintain the reputation of producers, and protect the rights and interests of consumers, the Labeling Criteria are stipulated pursuant to Article 11 of the Commodity Labeling Act.
2.Ceramic Tile commodities hereof refer to non-flammable slabs with thickness less than 40mm, made of clay or inorganic raw materials, sintered and formed at a high temperature, usually cemented to walls and floors and can serve the purposes of decoration and protection.
3.Particulars to be contained in Ceramic Tile labeling are as follows:
(1)Name of the commodity.
(2)Name, telephone number and address of the manufacturer. For imported commodity, the name, telephone number and address of the importer shall also be labeled.
(3)Country of origin.
(4)Main composition.
(5)Quantity, size (in centimeter or millimeter), and grade.
(6)Date of manufacture.
4.Methods of labeling:
(1)Particulars stipulated in the former Article shall be clearly marked on the external and internal packaging by the use of tags, stickers, or other attachments.
(2)In addition to the packaging, the “country of origin” shall also be marked on the tile body either in Chinese or foreign languages by forming or sintering. Ceramic Extrusion Tiles or Mosaic Tiles with areas less than 50cm² are not required.
(3)Ceramic Tiles with areas exceed 6400cm² and thickness below 6.5mm, or Ceramic Tiles with fiberglass mesh backing may be marked “country of origin” by using the method that resists alteration, such as laser printing, inkjet printing, pressing, or screen printing.
(4)Under the conditions set forth in Article 4(2) and 4(3), Ceramic Tiles cut into pieces but sold in one set are not required to mark “country of origin” on every piece.
5.The Labeling Criteria will become effective from the date of promulgation.