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Law Name:Labeling Criteria for Baby Cribs CH

Promulgated on November 15, 1999 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Via public notice with reference begin Ching(88) Shan 8824707;
As amended by the Ministry of Economic Affairs pursuant to the public notice of July 2.2004. (Ref. No. Chin (93) Shan 09302108710)

Law Content:

1.In order to establish proper labeling of baby cribs, maintain the reputation of producers, and protect the rights and interests of consumers, the labeling criteria are stipulated pursuant to Article 11 of the Commodity Labeling Act.
2.The baby cribs referred to in the criteria are the cribs for the sleeping and caring of infants no more than 24 months old. Baby cribs come in the following types:
(1)Sleeping: for babies to sleep in.
(2)With fences: to restrict the moving range of the baby once the bed plate is removed.
(a)Single: serving as a fence once the bed plate is removed.
(b)Double: the side frame in a double folded structure, to be assembled into a fence covering larger footprint.
(c)Cradles: suitable for most families, for the caring and sleeping of babies no more than six months old.
3.Items shall be labeled:
(1)Name and model No. of the commodity;
(2)Size of the baby crib, thickness of the bed plate, and the maximum weight permitted;
(3)Manufacturing year and month;
(4)Name, address, telephone number and uniform business number of the manufacturer; if the product is imported, the name, address, telephone number and uniform business number of the agent, importer or distributor, and the name and address of the manufacture, and the country of manufacture;
(5)Applicable age (in terms of months);
(6)Major materials;
(7)Methods of use, with details on assembly, adjustment, maintenance, folding up;
(8)Precaution and emergency treatment;
(9)Warnings detailed as prescribed in Criterion No.4(7). Any potential hazard to the safety of users should be separately noted with special warnings;
(10)The baby cribs with electronic devices should comply with Labeling Criteria for Electrical Appliances.
4.Methods of labeling:
(1)The labeling requirements shall be easily seen and firmly attached on the crib and which label shall be made of durable material. However, methods of use may come in the format of instruction manual.
(2)The label on the crib shall be mainly in the Chinese language and may be supplemented by any foreign language.
(3)The size of words or numbers used in the labeling shall exceed 0.25 cm ×0.25 cm.
(4)The contents should be expressed in a plain and simple language, with eligible fonts, texts or illustrations.
(5)Imported cribs offered for sale or cribs originally to be exported but later offered for domestic sale shall comply with the Labeling Criteria for Baby Cribs;The original label or instructions should be translated into Chinese, the contents of which shall in no event be simpler than those of the labeling and directions for use adopted in the origin of such product.
(6)The typeface or symbols used in a warning shall be of a different color that is easily distinguishable from the background colors. The size of the word "warning" or "attention" shall exceed 0.5cm×0.5cm.
(7)The wording for the warning should be as follows:
(a)Warning! The baby should be removed if you would like to fold or adjust the crib.
(b)Warning! No objects that the baby may step on or grab should be placed on the area surrounding the interior and the exterior of the crib.
(c)Warning! The baby crib should be placed on an even surface and should not be in proximity of any dangerous objects such as fire or electric stoves.
(d)Warning! It is not allowed to attach to the baby crib any ropes or any dangerous objects likely to fall off.
(8)Below are some examples of special warnings:
(a)Cribs that are collapsible, foldable, or adjusted for heights: "Warning! Please ensure all the fastenings are secured properly before use."
(b)Cribs with attached or hanging devices or components (e.g. mosquito nets):"Warning! It is necessary to ensure the attached devices or components will not be touched or grabbed by the baby.
(c)Cribs that can also serve as a fence: "Warning! Remove the bed plate only when the baby is able to stand up by grabbing the fence."
(d)Cribs whose bed plates can be adjusted in height:"Warning! When the baby can stand up by grabbing the fence, the height from the surface of the bed plate to the upper cross bar should be adjusted to over 60 centimeters."
(e)Cribs with rolling casters:"Warning! Please fix the casters when the cribs are in use."
(f)Cribs that can rock:
"Warning! This crib is not suitable for the baby who can crawl out of the crib on its own."
"Warning! This crib is not suitable for the baby who is above XX kilograms in weight (according to the maximum weight permitted)."
"Warning! Please lock up the swinging device if no adult is attending the baby."
"Warning! It is not allowed to install or hang other items."
(g)Cribs with flammable materials or mattresses:"Warning! Stay away from fire"
5.The criteria shall take effect on June 1,2001.