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"2020 Smart Business Innovation Forum and Exhibition" Witness of Successful Digital Transformation

Publish Date: 2020/12/03
Title: "2020 Smart Business Innovation Forum and Exhibition" Witness of Successful Digital Transformation
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The Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) held the "2020 Smart Business Innovation Forum and Exhibition" at NTUH International Convention Center on Nov. 26. There were keynote speeches, best practice sharing and various booths demonstrating innovative applications of smart technology in retail and logistics, which attracted over 418 participants from industries, academia and research institutes.

In the forum and exhibition, MOEA showcased the results of its efforts in 2020 to implement smart technology in collaboration with retail and logistics companies. This year, through the "Biz Lion" co-marketing platform, MOEA has assisted more than 6,000 retailers in using precision marketing and has achieved NT$95 million sales. For logistics services, by implementing AIoT technologies, MOEA has assisted 62 companies in optimizing their cross- border logistics and cold chain services. Moreover, it has promoted the cooperation among 21 domestic and foreign logistics businesses. The result has successfully enhanced their distribution efficiency and reduced management costs. Those efforts also generated sales of Made in Taiwan (MIT) products to overseas markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the US and Japan.

In the keynote presentations, Mr. Ethan Tu, Founder of Taiwan AI Labs, shared new trends in AI development. Mr. Pablo Lee, President of HCT Logistics Co., expressed insightful views on the development of traditional logistics towards technological innovation. Mr. Adms Chung, co-founder of Mo Bagel, explained how as a technology geek, he started a business based on his own unique ICT experience.

This event was intended to inspire enterprises, participants and entrepreneurs. This will drive smart technology to be better utilized in retail and logistics sectors in Taiwan. In the hyper-competitive market, the event assists enterprises in encouraging them and obtaining the essentials of success to open up innovative business opportunities.

Spokesperson: Chen Mi-Shun, Deputy Director General, Department of Commerce, MOEA
Phone Number: 2321-2200# 8325; 0939-945-897
E-mail: mschen@moea.gov.tw

Contact Person: Li Yung-Yi, Section Chief, Department of Commerce, MOEA
Phone Number: 2321-2200#8280; 0937-491-885
E-mail: yylee@moea.gov.tw