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2021 Taiwan-Malaysia Joint Online Shopping Festival Starts Today! Influencer Introduces Taiwanese Goods Live Stream!

Publish Date: 2021/09/30
Title: 2021 Taiwan-Malaysia Joint Online Shopping Festival Starts Today! Influencer Introduces Taiwanese Goods Live Stream!
[open new window]Taiwan & Malaysia Select starts! MOEA and MDEC hold launching ceremony together today.(jpg)
As the Taiwan-Malaysia Joint Online Shopping Festival, Taiwan Select & Malaysia Select 2021 will start from October 1st for 10 days event, the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the co-organizer, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) invite supporting partners, including the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China (ROCCOC) joining the online launch ceremony on September 30th, announcing the start of the ten days event officially.

"This shopping event hosted by Taiwan and Malaysia governments for three consecutive years, and aimed to promote the online shopping industry in both countries." said Ms. Wen-Ling Su, Director General of the Department of Commerce, MOEA. Both Taiwanese and Malaysian consumers can purchase "Malaysia Select" and "Taiwan Select" products from more than 80 Taiwanese companies and over 300 Malaysian companies in this shopping festival.

There are several significant features this year, one of which is that more Taiwanese companies involve with the event. The participating Taiwanese merchants has increased by 15% comparing to 2020, including 34 companies trying to sell their products overseas through cross-border e-commerce for the first time. Among them, the Kinmen County promotes iconic local products through the "Jin Zhen Hao Gou" (金正好購) online store. Another feature is that there are more food companies joining the event this year, such as the famous Hai Rei (海瑞) meat ball, Kuang Ta Hsiang (廣達香) pork jerky and Kao Ching Chuan (高慶泉) soy sauce, making food and grocery the largest category instead of previous health and beauty in the past festivals.

To increase the exposure of Taiwanese brands and boost cross-border sales, the Department of Commerce, MOEA takes measures such as "free shipping promotion" and diversifies marketing strategies, including using Facebook and Google Ads, to attract Malaysian consumers visiting not only the "Taiwan Select" event site but also Taiwanese companies' websites. Besides digital marketing, video marketing such as promotion videos on YouTube and KOL live stream on Facebook has been planned to go viral on social media, and expected to enhance the sales of Taiwanese goods this year.

MOEA has invited 10 companies joining today's launching event to display introducing Taiwanese cosmetics and beauty products, daily goods, foods, baby products, clothing and accessories, which Malaysian consumers can buy during the shopping festival. Yan Ling (雁靈), youtuber from Malaysia will also give a shopping tour of the promotion products to the audiences online and share the must buy list with the fans.

Spokesperson: Ya-Chuan, Liu, Deputy Director, Department of Commerce, MOEA
Phone Number: 2321-2200#8323; 0933-989-616
E-mail: ycliu@moea.gov.tw

Contact Person: Li Yung-Yi, Section Chief, Department of Commerce, MOEA
Phone Number: 2321-2200#8280; 0937-491-885
E-mail: yylee@moea.gov.tw