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Department of Commerce helps franchise industry to grasp overseas business opportunities in Vietnam

Publish Date: 2022/11/03
Title: Department of Commerce helps franchise industry to grasp overseas business opportunities in Vietnam
[open new window]The Department of Commerce, MOEA leads Taiwanese franchise brands to visit Vietnam.(jpg)
  From November 3 to 5, the Department of Commerce, MOEA leads 20 Taiwanese franchise brands to participate in the "Vietnam International Retailtech & Franchise Show" and holds an "International Franchise Biz Matchmaking" to raise the visibility of Taiwanese franchise brands in the international market, strengthen the overall image of Taiwanese franchise brands and help them grasp the business opportunities in Vietnam.

  According to Vietnam's third-quarter economic data, Vietnam's GDP grew by 13.67% compared to last year, and expects that GDP will grow by 8% this year and 6.5% next year. It will be the fastest-growing country in Southeast Asia for two consecutive years, and the considerable young population will guarantee the expansion of the market consumption. It will be one of the chosen target countries by Taiwanese chain and franchise brands to expand in international market.

  In order to assist Taiwanese enterprises in understanding the business environment of the Vietnamese market, a visit program to local well-developed organizations and enterprises has been arranged two days before the exhibition. Taiwanese franchise companies are able to have chance to meet Daiphat Food Co., Ltd, the Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam, the Junior Chapter, the HCM Branch of the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women. Taiwan-funded enterprise Daiphat Food Co., Ltd is a fully developing in Vietnam for more than 20 years and has successfully set up Daiphat Gift Box chain stores and One Minute Thirty Seconds breakfast chain stores. It's expected that through exchange and sharing experiences with the international business cooperation in Vietnam can provide valuable information for Taiwanese chain and franchise brands to enter the Vietnamese market.

  The Department of Commerce, MOEA, indicated that the list of 20 well-known franchise brands participating in the "Taiwan Franchise Brand Pavilion," includes Bestloving Elderly, Bling House, Bubble Z, Ding Tea, UNCLE BEING, Hairing AI Scalp Hair Salon, Moms Dry Noodle, CIRILLA, Chin Yo Tea, NUTTEA, Presotea, QIANQIAN, Furger Burger, MR. S.U.N. Handcrafted Boba, Sciarpa Pasta Restaurant, Golf Road Restaurant, Tea Pro, Morn Coo Coo, Young Americana Supply, and TEA TOP, which span Hand-Shaken Drinks, Desserts & Snacks, Chinese Cuisine, Assistive Device of Aging Population, Beauty & Lifestyle Services. These diversified and high-quality products and services from Taiwan can assist Taiwanese franchise industry to stand on the international stage.

  The "Vietnam International Retailtech & Franchise Show" will be scheduled from 3 November till 5 November 2022. It is expected to promote the cooperation between Taiwan and foreign enterprises to create an opportunity for Taiwan's high-quality franchise brands to set up franchise stores in Vietnam resulting from the exhibition and matchmaking event.

Spokesperson of the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs:
Ms. Ya-Chuan Liu, Deputy Director
TEL: 02-2321-2200#8323 ; Phone Number: 0933-989616
E-mail address: ycliu@moea.gov.tw

Business Contact:
Ms. Chi-Fang Hsieh, Section Chief
TEL: 02-2321-2200#8770 ; Phone Number: 0910-181081
E-mail: cfhsieh@moea.gov.tw