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Consumer Rights Protection

Implementing Consumer Rights Protection

The task of protecting the rights and interests of consumers is a mission for the central and local governments in Taiwan's administration. The central government, except for the Consumer Protection Committee of the Executive Yuan which is responsible for overseeing the development of consumer protection affairs nationwide, and central competent authorities are responsible for formulating related regulations and policies in accordance with their responsibilities to promote consumer protection for local governments to implement. In other words, the Executive Yuan (Consumer Protection Committee) is responsible for formulating the Consumer Protection Act and its enforcement rules as well as coordinating the competent authorities and mechanisms for consumer protection.

If a consumer believes that his/her rights have been damaged, he/she may file a complaint to the business operator, consumer protection group, or consumer service center or its branch in accordance with Articles 43 and 44 of the Consumer Protection Act, file a complaint with the consumer ombudsmen of the municipal or county (city) government, or apply for mediation with the Consumer Dispute Mediation Committee. In addition, to protect consumer rights and enhance consumer services, the government has also established the hot line 1950 for nationwide consumer service which is serviced by personnel in various local consumer service centers to provide professional and dedicated services.

Standard Form Contracts and Theirs Mandatory and Prohibitory Provisions

In accordance with Article 17 of the Consumer Protection Act: "In order to prevent consumer disputes, protect consumer interests, and promote the fairness for the use of standard contracts, the competent authorities at the central government may set, mandatory or prohibitory provisions of standard contracts which required certain industries to apply after approved by the Executive Yuan and proclaimed by the competent authorities." According to Article 56-1 of the Act: "A trader using standard contracts but violating the mandatory or prohibitory provisions governing standard contracts announced by the central competent authority referred to in the first paragraph of Article 17, and failing to take corrective actions ordered by the competent authorities within the time limit prescribed by the competent authorities, unless the law provides otherwise, shall be punished by an administrative fine of NT$30,000 to NT$300,000; failing to take corrective actions in according with the further ordered by the competent authorities within the time limit prescribed by the competent authorities, shall be punished each time by an administrative fine of NT$50,000 to NT$500,000."

The Department conducts the following related affairs on administrating standard contracts:

  1. Draft (amend) and announce related standard form contracts and theirs mandatory and prohibitory provisions.
  2. Interpretation and consulting for standard form contracts and theirs mandatory and prohibitory provisions under the administration of the Department.
  3. Implement the promotion and education of the contents of consumer protection and standard contracts for consumers and business operators.