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Documents for the Application for registration of a Representative Office in the ROC

    1. Application letter
    2. Photocopy of the ROC competent authorities' approval letter if the foreign company 's business requires a special permit / Duplicate or photocopy of the official document issued by the foreign government authorities if the company's establishment requires special approval
    3. Photocopy of the company's certificate of incorporation
    4. Power of attorney appointing the Representative in the Republic Of China ( This document needs to be notarized by a notary public and authenticated by the nearest ROC embassy or consulate or by the appropriate representative of the ROC government in the country where the company is located if it is requisite)
    5. Photocopy of the identification card of the representative in the Republic of China (if an ROC national)
    6. One of the following residence documents of the representative in the Republic of China (if a foreigner)
      1. Photocopy of his valid alien resident certificate ;or
      2. Photocopy of his passport (the agent must state his residence on his copy , sign his name on it and affix his personal chop to it ) ; or
      3. Certificate from his government identifying him and stating his residence ; or
      4. Affidavit from him stating his residence and nationality
    7. A photocopy of the original house ownership certificate for the building of the branch or a document to prove payment of the latest house tax; and a photocopy of the original house lease contract or an agreement issued by the house owner.
    8. Two copies of the Representative office of Foreign Company Registration Form
    9. Registration fee : NT$1,000
    10. Power of attorney appointing a CPA or a lawyer to apply for registration
    11. If documents are not in Chinese, they may need to be translated into Chinese.
  1. The following procedures must be followed:
    1. All applications to appoint a representative to do legal acts in the ROC must be filed according to Article 386 of the Company Act
    2. The power of attorney mentioned in Item d should clearly specify the types of legal acts, such as contract , quotation , negotiation, bidding ,purchasing , etc . ,to be done by the representative in the ROC
    3. The foreign company's certificate should be authenticated by its own responsible government agencies