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Required Documents for the Application for the Establishment of a Company Limited by Share

  1. Duplicate of the application form for name reservation with MOEA's approval seal
  2. Application letter
  3. Copy of foreign/mainland investment approval and copy of the approval for certifying the foreign investors' capital remittance, issued by the Investment Commission, MOEA
  4. Copy of the approval letter issued by competent government authorities if the business requires a special permission
  5. Photocopy of the articles of incorporation
  6. Photocopy of Minutes of the incorporators' meeting
  7. Photocopy of Minutes of the board of directors' meeting (and photocopy of the directors attendance list)
  8. Photocopy of Roster of shareholders
  9. Documents certifying the identities of all incorporators, directors, supervisors and mangers
    1. Domestic juristic person: copy of company license
    2. Domestic natural person: copy of ID card
    3. Foreign juridical person: copy of certificate of incorporation
    4. Foreign natural person: certificate of nationality
  10. Photocopy of Consent to act as chairman, director, supervisor
  11. A photocopy of the house ownership certificate at which the company is located or a document to prove payment of the latest house tax; and a photocopy of the house lease contract or an agreement issued by the house owner
  12. A CPA's audit report
  13. Power of attorney if a lawyer or a CPA will file the application
  14. Two copies of the registration form
  15. Fees:
    Registration Fee (1/4000 of capital)