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2018 Administration Plan

Enabling a Friendly Business Environment
Amend the Company Act
  1. Policy Initiation
    In response to the challenges of shifting business landscape, developments of startups and economic transformation, MOEA proposes amendment draft for part of the articles of the Company Act to provide enterprises with larger business autonomy as well as to create a friendlier business environment. This draft contains 148 amendment articles and could be the most significant amendment in decades. The amendments are aimed at addressing business needs and will be contributive to industrial development.
  2. Statement of tasks and prospective benefits
    • Preparation and stipulation drafts of subordinate regulations or guidance for the Company Act amendment draft for its smooth implementation.
    • In cooperation with works for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) evaluation with the aim to complete the third-round mutual assessment proceeding of 2018 Asia/Pacific Group (APG) on Anti-Money Laundering.
    • Disseminating information about the Company Act amendment draft to the business sectors to assist enterprises for better compliance and adjustments.
    • Attracting domestic and overseas startups to increase employment opportunities, promote enterprise expansion to overseas market and to strengthen their global competitiveness.
Enhance the e-platform for company registration
Policy Initiation

It is important to promote the service-oriented smart government by gradually integrating various information systems and expanding data applications, continuously optimizing the One-Stop application processing system to simplify company registration procedures. Meanwhile, we will establish related e-platforms to comply with the amendments to the Company Act and the evaluation of the Anti-Money Laundering.

Concrete measures and plans
  1. The Company, Business and Limited Partnership One-stop Service Request website is designed to provide services for the convenience of the public. Company seals are not needed when registering online, and approval letter of reply can be sent electronically. The entire application process is done online.
  2. The beneficial ownership register will be implemented in response to the amendments to the Company Act. The competent authorities can obtain relevant data from the register where over 680,000 companies can declare their beneficial ownership online.
  3. A company information post system will be built, so companies can disclose relevant information there to comply with the law. It lays the foundation of a safe commercial environment and strengthens domestic corporate governance.
Statement of tasks and prospective benefits
  1. After expanding the utilization of electronic delivery, the company registration processes, such as company name reservation, incorporating a new company, correction of documents, and approval letter delivery could all be filed online. It will low carbon emission, reduce paper consumption and improve government effectiveness.
  2. The beneficial ownership register will be launched before October 2018 which is vital for the government to successfully pass the evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering by November 2018.
  3. After the launch of the e-platform, it can promote the transparency of the commerce industrial administrative information and create a business friendly environment.
Improve the Legal Consuming Environments
  1. Policy Initiation
    In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, it is necessary to establish product labeling regulations and complete standard form contracts.
  2. Concrete measures and plans
    • In order to manage incorrect labeling of products and the labeling practice of business operators, the product labeling regulations shall be reviewed, added/amended periodically.
    • To reduce consumer dispute and promote the fairness of standard form contracts, the standard form contracts of certain industries, including their mandatory and prohibitory provisions, shall be reviewed, drafted/amended periodically.
  3. Statement tasks and prospective benefits
    In 2018, regarding the common disputes during car sales, such as vehicles with major defects or vehicles requiring frequent repair but not work shall be regulated to protect the rights of consumers.
Advance the Development of Commerce and Service industry
  1. Policy Initiation
    In order to assist the e-commerce industry in developing overseas markets, we should strengthen the friendly environment for the development of e-commerce industry, promote innovation in the Internet community, and enhance e-commerce competitiveness.
  2. Concrete measures and plans
    • Strengthen businesses' ability of operating cross-border e-commerce, assist the e-commerce industry in exploring international markets and increase their capability of running their local business as well as expanding their sales network. This is aimed to generate a sound cross-border e-commerce ecosystem and thus establish cooperation channels with target markets in South East Asia.
    • Hold the IDEAS Show global pitch event and theme-based demo show, create matchmaking opportunities between startups and investors, and facilitate creative services conducted by enterprises.
    • Observe and analyze the ecosystem of international and domestic e-commerce legislation/regulation; forecast the output value of the online retail industry; promote standards of information security in order to enhance safeguards for e-commerce; encourage bricks-and-mortar stores to start online retail and strengthen their digital marketing ability, especially retailers located in central and southern Taiwan. This aims to vitalize the online shopping industry.
  3. Statement tasks and prospective benefits
    • Since an overseas e-commerce matchmaking event will be held in Thailand and Indonesia in 2018, we will arrange 20 companies to each event to expand their business and to generate 6 cases of cross-border e-commerce cooperation.
    • Encourage two Taiwanese e-commerce companies to operate overseas markets (for example, Malaysia or Indonesia) with government assistance; add two product zones with two joint-brand marketing activities in Indonesia and Malaysia; 300 brands and 30,000 items will be added to the online shop, driving cross-border e-commerce transactions over NT$ 1.5 billion.
    • Continue to hold internet-innovation pitch events in 2018 for domestic brick-and-mortar stores to adopt solutions of startups based on 111 matches made in 2017.
    • Observe and analyze the ecology of the international and domestic e-commerce legal framework; forecast the output value of online retail shopping industry of our country; continuously assist stores which have strong product image in opening online shops as well as developing digital marketing ability for stores located in central and southern Taiwan; promote information security standards of e-commerce in order to enhance the safeguards for e-commerce; provide advice and guidance on information security for e-commerce.
Intelligent Logistics
  1. Policy Initiation
    Since the logistics industry of Taiwan are labor-intensive and the rapid growth of various online sales channels (such as e-commerce), logistics services must be able to respond fast enough to meet consumers' requests. Therefore, logistics companies need smart and automatic solutions to upgrade their services. In addition, we will continue to assist logistics companies in integrating global resources and expanding their services to overseas markets.
  2. Concrete measures and plans
    • With regard to the efficiency of logistics operations, we need to provide solutions to include the integration of supply and demand information by sharing information of warehousing and transportation as well as smart management for logistic centers etc. These aim to improve the operational efficiency of logistics companies.
    • In the face of the booming cross-border e-commerce market, we assist logistics companies in providing Buyer Consolidation, Consignment in Offshore and last-mile delivery services. These enable e-commerce merchants to export Taiwanese products and capture opportunities enabled by international logistics services.
    • In response to the demand of refrigerated food and the development of perishable food e-commerce, we assist logistics companies to establish quality management systems and technological monitoring models. This aims to upgrade the cold chain logistic service in Taiwan.
    • Building on the advantages of Taiwan's Free Trade Zones (FTZ; areas within the national territory but outside the customs territory) and on the country's location along the major shipping routes of the Pacific Rim, we assist companies in expanding their international logistics service business and promote foreign freights transferred or processed for value-added in Taiwan.
  3. Statement tasks and prospective benefits
    • We will integrate 15 domestic and overseas logistics companies to support domestic suppliers and brand merchants to develop cross-border e-commerce. In addition, we will incorporate with local logistics companies in Singapore to set up two overseas warehouses. It is expected to support sales of NT$ 500 million of cross-border e-commerce products and to generate the e-commerce logistics service revenue by NT$ 100 million.
    • We will develop logistics service solutions for fresh food e-commerce and halal products. By using cold-chain technologies for perishables logistics, quality monitoring and warehousing and distribution management, it is expected to support sales of NT$ 900 million of low-temperature products within Taiwan and abroad with service revenue of NT$ 100 million.
    • We will implement multiple transfer and logistics value-added service models and integrate supply and demand information of international logistics, to assist companies to enhance their international logistic service efficiency. It is expected to promote NT$ 800 million of foreign freights to be sent to Taiwan to conduct transfer, consolidation or value-added processing in Taiwan. It is expected to generate international logistics service revenue of NT$ 100 million.
Catering Industry
  1. Policy Initiation
    To accelerate the store expansion of the food service industries in the international market and the enterprise transformation, we consult and advise the industries to implement the technical application service to expand the global market.
  2. Concrete measures and plans
    • Participating in the exhibitions and the international matching activities to assist the industrial participants to expand the market in the New Southbound countries.
    • Conducting marketing activities for domestic and overseas regions to accelerate the growth of the revenue for the food service industries and to promote the Taiwanese food.
    • Coaching the industrial participants of food service companies with technology adoption.
  3. Statement tasks and prospective benefits
    • Hold the "2018 Taiwan Braised Pork On Rice Festival" and catering related domestic and international marketing activities to increase the growth of the catering industry's turnover and highlight the international image of the gourmet kingdom.
      In the meantime, by participating in overseas exhibitions and holding matching conferences and other activities, it helps to open up the international market.
      In addition, coaching and consulting business by adopting technology and facilitate business environment and halal certification can increase the operational strength of the industry.
    • It is expected to accelerate NT$ 5.3 billion private investment, create 6,000 new job opportunities, and expand 1,350 stores in the domestic and overseas regions.
Chain and Franchise
  1. Policy Initiation
    As the development of franchising enterprise of Taiwan, new business models are overwhelming. However, the domestic market tends to be saturated. In order to assist the continuous growth of enterprise, we have to strengthen the operation system of the enterprise, integrate various resources and brand marketing operation, blend in creative thinking and cultivate their ability to develop overseas market.
  2. Concrete measures and plans
    • We coach on the operation and expansion of franchise headquarters, and provide appropriate advice of enterprise operating system and scale-up, such as the consulting case of Shun Chen Bakery to develop the franchising system.
    • We guide competitive enterprises for conduct service export, global market exploration and deepen local market development. In addition, we assist enterprise to reach the overseas and domestic business opportunities, such as assisting the franchising enterprises to participate in Franchise Asia Philippines in 2017 and New Southbound International Business Matchmaking in 2017.
  3. Statement tasks and prospective benefits
    Guide the enterprise on problems occurred during their various stages of development strengthen the operating system of the enterprise and enhance the competitive strength. Accelerate the market development steps through participation in international exhibitions and enterprise matchmaking exchange to strengthen the overseas development capability of the franchising industry.
Innovative Research and Development of Commercial Intelligence
Implement the Applications of Intelligent Commerce
  1. Policy Initiation
    In response to the manpower shortage in Taiwan and the urgency to move towards value-added development, intelligent technologies must be promoted to create the novel retail service to make consumers feel the impact immediately. This aims at upgrading and transforming domestic retailing.
  2. Concrete measures and plans
    • Develop and implement innovative commercial hardware/software integration solutions, including multiplex payments, marketing guidance to shop services and convenient pick-up services etc. This aims at vitalizing domestic consumption.
    • Facilitate metropolitan shopping districts to bring in intelligent commercial service applications. Along with offering a subsidiary program, we assist the domestic commercial service industry to bring in intelligent commercial technologies to create novel services required by consumers. This makes consumers feel the impact immediately and have a different experience. This aims at facilitating domestic retailers to upgrade and transform.
  3. Prospective tasks and estimated benefits
    • Continue to cooperate with domestic major logistic and container businesses in 2018, and keep implementing and popularizing the mutual benefit and shared service system of "iPickup". This aims to attract more logistic businesses to join this cooperative platform.
    • Bring in intelligent commercial service applications to two medium-large shopping districts, shopping plazas, logistics centers in 2018 and implement 10 demonstrative subsidiary cases to enhance NT$ 1,200 million of commercial service investment.
Development of Innovative Research and the Service Industry
  1. Policy Initiation
    Engage commercial service business with the development of new service products, new business models, or new commercial application of technology.
  2. Concrete measures and plans
    By subsidizing the research and development of enterprise, we can assist businesses to enhance the innovative ability, international competitiveness to develop diversified service industry.
  3. Statement tasks and prospective benefits
    By continuously subsidizing the research and development system, we will at least approve 80 cases in 2018, which drives businesses to invest NT$ 150 million and facilitate investment of NT$ 90 million.