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2019 Administration Plan

Continuation with publicity campaigns for the amended Company Act
  1. Policy Initiation
    With amendments to a total of 148 articles, the widest scope of revision in 17 years, the amended Company Act came into effect on November 1, 2018. Covering various aspects of internationalization, flexibility enhancement and corporate governance improvement, these breakthrough-making amendments on Company Act not only address the needs of businesses but benefit industrial development.
  2. Main tasks and prospective benefits
    • Since July 2018, nearly a hundred publicity events have been held by the Department or co-organized with associations/societies nationwide. Continual efforts will be made to allow business sectors of a better understanding of the amendments of the Company Act and assist them with compliance and adaptation.
    • We enhance the function of company registration E-platform, so that most company registration procedures could be carried out electronically. And to cater to the requirement of Anti-Money Laundering and improve public transparency, Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation has been tasked with providing domestic companies an online declaration service which is free, speedy, and easy to use.
Facilitate the Development of Commercial Service Industry
Cross-border e-commerce
  1. Policy Initiation
    We assist cross-border e-commerce industry to solve problems as cross-border cash flow, logistics, and technology. Besides, we help the industry successfully sell products abroad, reach out to customers around the world, and increase cross-border sales through grants and consultation.
  2. Measures and plans
    We assist Taiwanese e-commerce companies in cooperating with foreign businesses through many methods, such as "international industry cooperation projects", "innovative market exploration models", "exposure-maximization marketing campaign". Besides, we hold the regional online shopping festival to help Taiwanese e-commerce companies expand overseas markets.
  3. Main tasks and prospective benefits
    We promote cross-border e-commerce cooperation and increase the reputation and visibility of Taiwanese e-commerce companies in ASEAN market. In 2019, we will hold the regional online shopping festival with Malaysia and Thailand; and, invite domestic e-commerce companies to join this event.
Intelligent Logistics
  1. Policy Initiation
    To solve problems encountered by most small and medium logistics service providers in Taiwan, we promote logistics innovation and value-added services with three focuses on global logistics, cold chain logistics and cross-border e-commerce logistics, so as to upgrade and transform logistics service businesses.
  2. Measures and plans
    We assist international logistics and warehousing service businesses in adopting various logistics service models such as in-time dispatching, multi-leg transit, etc., so as to attract foreign cargoes transshipped, consolidated, and value-added in Taiwan.
    • In response to the luxuriantly growing demand for perishables e-commerce, we assist logistics service providers in reducing relevant logistics costs through resource sharing of storage warehouses and delivery vehicles, along with adoption of technologies of temperature and humidity monitoring and multi-temperature cold boxes.
    • We assist domestic enterprises in collaborating with foreign logistics companies and adopting various logistics and commercial services, such as cross-border cargo express, overseas warehouse storage and last-mile delivery, experience store, sales by sample, showcase and scheduled promotion. These services are expected to support Taiwanese brands and suppliers expanding the New Southbound markets.
  3. Main tasks and prospective benefits
    • We enhance the efficiency of logistics service providers through integrating their customers' supply chain information. It is expected that additional NT$900 million worth of foreign cargoes will be transported to Taiwan for transshipment, consolidation and value-added processing, and increase international logistics service revenue by NT$110 million in 2019.
    • We provide logistics service solution for biomedical and pharmaceutical products through the application of cold chain technologies of fresh keeping, quality monitoring, as well as distribution management. With the solution, it is expected that NT$1.1 billion worth of frozen and chilled commodities will be sold globally, and increase cold chain logistics service revenue by NT$ 150 million in 2019.
    • We assist domestic suppliers and brand companies in developing cross-border e-commerce through coordinating 20 domestic and overseas logistics companies, and establishing 2 logistics service hubs in cooperation with Indonesian logistics companies. It is expected that additional NT$ 500 million worth of commodities will be sold through cross-border e-commerce, and increase e-commerce logistics service revenues by NT$ 100 million in 2019.
Food and Beverage Industry
  1. Policy Initiation
    To accelerate the store expansion of the food and beverage industries in the international market, we coach the industry to implement technological applications to do industrial transformation and expand the international market.
  2. Measures and plans
    • Participate in the exhibitions of New Southbound countries and international interaction and matchmaking activities to assist the industrial participants in expanding the international market.
    • Organize marketing activities at home and abroad to accelerate the revenue of the food and beverage industry and to promote Taiwanese food.
    • Coach the food and beverage industry to achieve technological upgrade and transformation.
  3. Main tasks and prospective benefits
    • An increase in the revenue of the food and beverage industry and related activities is expected to achieve through the organization of food-related marketing activities at home and abroad.
    • We assist the food and beverage industry in achieving upgrade and transformation, reaching out to New Southbound market, and promoting marketing and international cooperation.
Chain and Franchise
  1. Policy Initiation
    To guide franchising businesses in upgrading organizational operation, expanding business scale and enhancing global competitiveness through brand management, and thus reach out to global markets.
  2. Measures and plans
    • We provide franchising headquarters with consultations targeted at various aspects of business operation, performance management, expansion strategies and internationalization.
    • To accelerate international market expansion of franchising businesses, we encourage businesses to reach out to overseas markets with continual supports such as organizing business interaction and matchmaking events.
  3. Main tasks and prospective benefits
    • We provide customizable consultations on business operations at different stages to assist businesses in strengthening their operation, upgrade, transformation, and achieving enhanced competitiveness; and with participation in industrial interaction and matchmaking events and exhibitions, we aim to help business achieve accelerated market expansion.
    • An estimate of NT$ 21 million for operation revenue (brand royalties, technology transfer fees, franchise fees) and establishment of six overseas sites are expected.
Innovative Research and Development of Smart Business
Promote the Applications of Smart Business
  1. Policy Initiation
    In response to the decline of domestic labor force and the needs of retailers to seek opportunities for potential business, we assist Taiwanese retail businesses in applying various technologies and satisfying consumers' needs. In addition, we induce Taiwan retailing industry to upgrade and transform.
  2. Measures and plans
    • To know customers' profiles, shopping preferences and more attractive shopping services, we assist retailers in enhancing precision marketing and providing consumers with diversified services through applying various technologies.
    • We encourage retailers to cooperate with information service providers and jointly develop innovative business services through grants. Besides, we will provide more convenient and interesting shopping environment for customers by building demonstrative cases.
  3. Main tasks and prospective benefits
    • We assist retailers in choosing appropriate technological applications based on their operational needs through establishing a one-stop service platform and integrating domestic business technologies. Our goal is to accelerate the transformation of smart business through making the technologies affordable for small and medium retailers.
    • We provide retailers with grants and consultation, and encourage retail companies to cooperate with technology service providers. In addition, we will help Taiwanese retailers achieve a favorable outcome in overseas markets with the foundation of our domestic successful business models.
Innovative Research and Development of the Service Industry
  1. Policy Initiation
    To encourage commercial services providers to engage in innovative research and development of new service products, new business models and new business application technologies.
  2. Measures and plans
    Based on grants-in-aid programs targeting corporate innovative research and development, we assist business services providers with enhancement of innovation capabilities and global competitiveness to become diversified services providers.
  3. Main tasks and prospective benefits
    • With continual grants-in-aid programs targeting corporate innovative research and development, it is estimated that more than 70 applications will be granted in 2019, driving R&D funds of NT$ 150 million to be invested correspondingly by business services providers.
    • We assist granted businesses with cyber, social-networking and digital marketing campaigns; moreover, we also organize various events of business visits and venture capital matchmaking with an aim for fund-raising and creating opportunities of cross-industry cooperation.
Measures to promote domestic-oriented service industry
  1. Policy Initiation
    In response to the decline of domestic-oriented service market, the domestic-oriented service industry looks forward to the assistance from the government to enhance operation effectiveness.
  2. Measures and plans
    • We continue to promote Taiwan delicacies via the Internet and stores; we also assist businesses with precision marketing, and develop diversified retail channels and increase sales volume by cross-border e-commerce and by integration of online and offline retails.
    • Cooperating with the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTA) and local governments, we assist food and beverage service providers and retailers in enhancing service qualities. Moreover, stores with high-quality services will be included in travel routes for co-marketing operations aiming to stimulate sightseeing and consumption ,and thus boost the economy.
  3. Main tasks and prospective benefits
    • We plan to organize 2019 Taiwan Braised Pork on Rice Festival to promote the must-eat Taiwanese delicacies, participate in 2019 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition and set up the booth featuring memorable foods, and conduct digital marketing for food promotion in collaboration with online platforms.
    • We integrate online and offline retail services in domestic market, such as offline trial online purchase, and order-pickup- return at different shops. In addition, we support Taiwanese e-businesses to promote best-selling Taiwanese products (e.g. cosmetic, 3C products, food, and apparel) in foreign online platforms (e.g. Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China).
    • We will integrate existing technologies (e.g. data analysis, people-flow counting, electronic vouchers, consumer behavior analysis) and assist food and beverage service providers and retailers with precision marketing through the use of those technologies.
    • In coordination with 2019 Taiwan Small Town Ramble event organized by Tourism Bureau, MOTA, one small town will be selected from each of the northern, central, southern and eastern area for consultation on environmental improvement, service procedure optimization and English-speaking service to local food and beverage service providers and retailers for providing quality service.
    • We collaborate with the Tourism Bureau, MOTA and local governments to include stores with high-quality services in travel routes for co-marketing operations, and sell electronic vouchers (for accomodation, dinning and souvenirs) of featured shops in Taiwan at cyber e-commerce platforms at home and abroad.