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2022 Administration Plan

Promote intellectualization, internationalized and innovative business models in business service industries
  1. Promote cross-border e-commerce: help e-business companies to develop strategies and expand overseas markets by creating innovative services and strengthening their cross-border operation capabilities.
  2. Boost business intelligence: develop intelligent technology solutions and innovative business service models or offer subsidies to industry players to help them conduct the development by themselves, which aims to improve business operation efficiency and consumer shopping experience, and then expand the scale of applications in domestic and overseas market.
  3. Accelerate the development of logistics and distribution service: leverage technology to drive logistics service providers in improving the efficiency or quality of their operations, including consolidation, transportation, storage and distribution, to support the fast delivery of temperature-control and e-commerce goods, and to make way into the international market. Furthermore promote the digitalization of logistics operation documents to improve in-process information sharing, connecting and circulating speed, and meanwhile to upgrade information security in the logistics service industry.
  4. Boost the development of the food and beverages industry: assist the food and beverages industry to move towards smartification and internationalization through three major aspects: international market development, smart technology application, and diversified marketing strategies.
  5. Encourage innovative research and development in the service industries: motivate service industry providers to invest in innovative research and development of new service offerings, new business models or new business application technologies through partial subsidies.
  6. Accelerate the digital transformation of service industries: Promote the use of cloud-based solutions and other digital tools to collect and share data among retail, food and beverage service providers; analysis data feedback to drive the digital transformation of small and medium-sized retail, food and beverage service providers in developing new business models and expanding into new markets.
Promote the optimization of franchising operations

Guide enterprises to improve their operational management efficiency, identify regional consumer profiles for precision marketing, encourage cross-industry collaboration among franchises, and assist enterprises in expanding their overseas market with the aim of boosting the overall competitiveness of the country's franchising industry.